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Dear Linton (or to whom it may concern), I cannot thank you enough for your extremely helpful website. I took the LCSW this past Saturday and I passed!! I really appreciate the time & effort that was put into creating all the activities, videos, podcasts, flashcards, "What you need to know" emails, and the motivational emails. The resources gave me a place to start and helped guide my study approach. I listened to the podcasts on my way to work and reviewed the flashcards during dinner. The motivational emails boosted my confidence and lowered my anxiety- especially during the test. I truly believe that I would not have passed the LCSW without the use of your website. I have recommended your site to many of my colleagues and they agree that your site is well organized & caters to a variety of learning styles. You were right, it was in there! Thanks Again.

Hello, Just wanted to inform you that I took the clinical exam last week and passed with ease thanks to your great study guide. This study site was wonderful. The practice exams in particular did a wonderful job of emulating the real life exam questions so I truly felt like there were no surprises on the test...I felt like I had seen it all before. The acronyms that were provided were such a huge help, and the fact that they were included on the daily emails made it super easy to memorize overtime and apply them effortlessly.I have already told friends abt this site and will continue to spread the word. Thank you.

This site was EVERYTHING!!! I passed easily because of this site. Very similar to the test.

Dr. Hutchinson, I passed! I wanted to let the world know that my victory had been 3 years in the making, and having failed the LCSW exam twice before using a different product. The combination of your support, kindness, and overall ease-of-use with this exam study product along with its strategies make for a winning combination. I am indebted to you in helping me overcome such a tremendous challenge, and I want others to know my sentiments. If I had to say what THE most critical part of passing the exam was? It was definitely the "First/Next/Best" preparation, as that was 90% of the exam!!! The use of "Farmer Aladdin ..." and "AASPIRINS" was really helpful in making a better selection and helped clear my thinking. Moreover, after using your product, I was able to view the exam questions in a totally different light -- its not just book-smart content, but rather real strategy in answering these questions designed to mind-warp! As I sat through the exam, I thought to myself a couple times "the exam is easier than I thought!" All in all, THANK YOU once again. I could not have done it without you! Gerard Kruse, MSW, *LCSW* wooo!!!

I just wanted to write one of those letters to thank you for the website. I passed my LISW clinical exam today. The practice test questions were of tremendous help. But of even greater help were the exam preperation directions to help with test taking strategies. I recognized the different kinds of questions that were before me and had a strategy as to how to deal with them correctly. And one other thing, when my phone and electricity went down for 27 hours and I called your help number, the hours were very kindly given back to me. Thanks so much and keep up the great website!

Dear Dr. Hutchinson, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I took the NY State Master's Level Licensing Exam yesterday ... and I PASSED. Thank you for your excellent website and your daily personal and professional motivational e-mails. As the days drew closer and closer to my exam date, your personal motivational e-mails became more and more important. The way your website is organized with guidance on how to approach the exam and exam questions, breakout focus points, in-depth academic information and exam questions on each of the topics covered in the licensing exam are excellent bar none. Your website shows your personal dedication to the profession and the importance of the licensing process.

I took my ASWB Masters exam yesterday for the first time after being out of Grad School for two years and passed my exam without one single Prep Course. I was at the point where I felt I forgot everything. I feel taking the practice exams and quizzes really made me study my material to be prepared for the exam and make sure I knew the material inside and out. Tons of material on this site to make sure everything is covered. I would recommend this as a studying guide to assist while one is reviewing or re-learning the material. I feel this will be especially helpful when I begin studying for the ASWB Clinical exam which I plan to take soon. Thank you Dr. Hutchinson!

Hi Dr. Hutchinson, I would like to take this time to thank you for your website Social Work Exam. I completed Grad School in August of 2014 with my Master’s Degree in Social Work and was encouraged to take the exam immediately after obtaining my degree. I had severe anxiety about taking the exam due to not being able to retain much of the information I learned in school. I am an auditory learner and learn best through hearing things over and over again. I allowed two months to pass before I registered for the Social Work license exam and went online to research resources and material that may help me study for the exam. I came across your website where I registered for the free practice exams, watched the free videos and purchased the audio CDs (all three sets) which contained 14 CD’s covering all Social Work practice areas. I was amazed at the content of the material offered at such a reasonable price. I set a goal for myself to study for one hour a day six days a week (I needed a day to relax and process all the information). I downloaded the CDs to my Iphone and listened to it while working out at the gym, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning house and even while relaxing in a bubble bath. Having and listening to the audio CD’s made studying fun easy and I was able to retain the information I heard. The free practice exam on the website was an added bonus and validated what I learned from listening to the audio CD’s. After three months of using the study material, I took the Social Work License examination and “PASSED” with a great score. I couldn’t have done it without listening to those audio CD’s over and over again! I highly recommend to any Social Work student or anyone who have anxiety about taking the exam to visit the website and decide which resource and/or material will best help them in passing the Social Work license examination. Thanks you!

Just wanted to say I passed my LCSW exam today!!!! Thank you so much for this website. It was extremely helpful!!! I will be sure to pass it along to anyone I know preparing for the exam. I LOVE seeing those letters behind my name! Thank you so much. I can't describe the relief I feel! I have three staff under me that I can now provide clinical supervision to for their LCSW and LMHC. I told them about the website and will definitely encourage anyone I know preparing for the exam to come to your website. Thank you again for all the time you put into keeping this website relevant to what's needed to pass! It was definitely in there and I had those words playing in my head along with a few other inspirations you provided!

I passed my exam with flying colors. I have to say that your practice tests and website over prepared me for the test. Once I got there the questions on the real test were laughingly plain and easy compared to the preparation you provided me.
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