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Looking for a good old-fashioned textbook? Try Dr. Hutchinson’s Study Guide for the Social Work Exam, or Dr. Hutchinson's Easy as Pi: Study Guide for Research and Statistics, available in a variety of formats!
SW Exam Study Guide
Dr. Hutchinson’s 590-page review for the DSM-5 National Social Work Exam covers the following content areas:

1. Human Development
2. Issues of Diversity
3. DSM-5 Diagnosis/Assessment
4. Psychotherapy/Practice
5. Communications
6. Therapeutic Relationship
7. Supervision, Consultation, and Staff Development
8. Evaluation/Research
9. Service Delivery
10. Professional/Ethics
11. Clinical Practice/Management
12. Definitions/Terms

This study guide also includes 4 sample exams (25 questions each). Reduce your test anxiety simply by knowing what to expect.
The SW Exam Study Guide is available for free with the purchase of certain subscriptions. Click here to learn more.
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Stats Study Guide
Dr. Hutchinson’s 108-page Easy as Pi: Study Guide for Research and Statistics covers the following content areas:

1. Intro to/Types of Research
2. Types of Research
3. Variables
4. Hypotheses
5. Confidence Levels
6. Measures Of Central Tendency And Dispersion
7. Frequency Distribution
8. Skewness
9. Kurtosid
10. Correlation Coefficients
11. Anova
12. Chi-Square
13. Bell Curve
14. Reliability
15. Validity
16. Intelligence Testing
17. Sample Scenario
18. Research Process
19. Obtaining Reliable Data
20. Sampling Methods
21. Research Design
22. Multiple Baseline Design
23. Review Questions
24. Glossary Of Terms And Definitions

This study guide also includes sample questions. Reduce your test anxiety simply by knowing what to expect.
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Guía de Estudio de SW
La Guía De Estudio Para El Examen Nacional Del Trabajo Social Es Un Libro De 550 Páginas Con El Específico Material Contenido Para El Examen. La Construcción Del Examen:

Capitulo 1: Desarrollo Humano
Capitulo 2: Temas De Diversidad
Capitulo 3: Diagnóstico Y Evaluación
Capitulo 4: Psicoterapia/Practica
Capitulo 5: Comunicaciones
Capitulo 6: Relaciones Terapéuticas
Capitulo 7: Profesionalismo/Ética
Capitulo 8: Supervisión, Consulta Y Desarrollo Del Personal
Capitulo 9: Evaluación, Investigación
Capitulo 10: Envío Del Servicio
Capitulo 11: Practica/Gerencia
Capitulo 12: Ejemplos De Exámenes
Capitulo 13: Definiciones/Términos
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