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I used this site to help me pass my LMSW exam 10 years ago. When I had the opportunity to sit for my clinical, I knew exactly where to go to study for the LCSW exam. Once again, you didn't disappoint. I passed today!

the practice exams were helpful; I will purchase another month subscription when my next ASWB exam approaches

This website is amazing. I not only appreciate the content, but I also appreciate the daily email encouragement. I will definitely refer this website to others! I passed the LGSW exam yesterday. Thank you very much!

Thank you for offering this website. I reviewed the content quite often, took many notes and passed my LCSW on the first try.

I used this program for my LSW and LCSW and passed both times... I found this method of studying very helpful in preparing for the exams.....Thank you !!

I couldn't have passed my LCSW exam without this website. The practice tests helped the most. I studied for a month and passed my test on the first try.

I took the LCSW exam 5 times. The second time I took the exam I came within 8 points by studying your website. The 3rd and 4th time I did not use the site so for the 5th time I signed up again and was very success at passing it. I needed 100 points and got 105. I can't say enough about this site and wished I'd used it the 3rd time. I'm so happy. I passed the LCSW on March 19, 2015. Keep the site alive. I would highly suggest it.

This program was how I passed my LMSW and now LCSW in NY. It is excellent and makes studying bearable. Thanks so much!!!

I do like the format of this study site. It is easy to navigate and provides many different study materials and topics. I am very unhappy with the study exams themselves. They often do not explain the right answer and I am left wondering why the answer I chose was wrong. I become very frustrated because I do not feel I learned from that particular question. The exams give many questions that are based on vocabulary but not on situational, which would be quite nice if more situational questions are given. I had to buy socialworktestprep to balance out the questions (situational vs vocabulary based). I would recommend this site to others but would also advice them to study exam questions outside of this site.

Site was more hurtful than helpful in the studying process, as practice exams were not representative of the nature of questions in the actual examination, which I successfully completed yesterday.Socialworkexams.com led me to overstudy detailed material that was irrelevant to social work and the LMSW exam. Another website I signed up with was much more helpful in preparing for the test.
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