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I passed the exam thank you Sooo much for everything you were so helpful! My friends are signing up soon!

Just letting you know-- I passed! One almost needs training in critical thinking and recognizing meta messages as well In prep for this exam. It was a very, very difficult exam! This program helped me very much since I haven't practiced in 2 1/2 years. So grateful it's over!

I just took my exam and passed, I had failed it 2 times before. I decided to use your website and wanted to thank you for it. I thank you for your daily inspirations that encouraged me!!! I know it was your website and God that helped through this chapter of my life.

First and foremost I must say after seeing a pass on the screen after I got the courage to take this exam for a fourth time YES it's possible !!! What did I do differently I used this program day in and day out !! I have been recommending this program to colleagues and other professionals seeking to obtain their clinical license. I am forever grateful for this program! Ashley LMSW !!!!!

Just wanted to say I passed my LCSW exam today!!!! Thank you so much for this website. It was extremely helpful!!! I will be sure to pass it along to anyone I know preparing for the exam. I LOVE seeing those letters behind my name! Thank you so much. I can't describe the relief I feel! I have three staff under me that I can now provide clinical supervision to for their LCSW and LMHC. I told them about the website and will definitely encourage anyone I know preparing for the exam to come to your website. Thank you again for all the time you put into keeping this website relevant to what's needed to pass! It was definitely in there and I had those words playing in my head along with a few other inspirations you provided!

I decided after two years of working post graduate and forgetting a lot of theories to study five days before my exam. Yes, I know, that was not a good choice. However, I ordered the 7 day subscription from this website and could not stop studying. I actually looked forward to studying when I came home from work each day. The content was easy to read,well organized and the questions kept me engaged and challenged which was fun. I especially liked the interactive flash card type study. It was straight to the point. After studying for five days for five hours each night I passed my NY LMSW exam the first try. What this site helped me most with after taking the actual exam was placing me in test mode. The practice questions given on this website are extremely similar to those type given on the exam plus this site gives you the option to practice with or without a timer simulating a real testing environment. I began thinking like the exam more and more and with each day I studied. Doing so made me feel more confident on test taking day. I would not suggest cramming like I did but I would highly suggest this website. Thanks social work exam.com. I am officially a LMSW.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude to the creators of this website. I am a recent MSW graduate and I had taken my LMSW boards for the first time in August 2016 and had failed after taking not 1...but 2 preparation classes, in addition to studying on my own. After working so hard and not passing the first time, I felt discouraged but was able to move on and I felt more determined to work even harder. I came across this website and decided to subscribe and it was one of the best decisions I have made. The motivational videos and modules, challenging questions, and overall content of this website helped me pass my LMSW boards this past weekend! As of November 19, 2016 I am an official LMSW and I owe a lot to this website. I sincerely hope that this website will assist others as it did me. Stay motivated everyone, and make magic happen! Thank you again. #GoSocialWorkExam.com

I passed the exam. I'm truly grateful to God that I was referred to this site as a preparation tool. I appreciate the specification, the detail, and quality of information that afforded me the opportunity to practice for the examination despite my high levels of anxiety. I will continue to visit for professional growth. Thank you!!!

I would like to inform you I took the exam on Friday and passed. I am very happy and very grateful to God and you for your great program that helped me. Your program covered everything I needed to know and your guarantee was also faith building and assured me. I also want you to know that everyone I know who has done your program and put in the effort has passed. Thanks again, a grateful customer.

I do like the format of this study site. It is easy to navigate and provides many different study materials and topics. I am very unhappy with the study exams themselves. They often do not explain the right answer and I am left wondering why the answer I chose was wrong. I become very frustrated because I do not feel I learned from that particular question. The exams give many questions that are based on vocabulary but not on situational, which would be quite nice if more situational questions are given. I had to buy socialworktestprep to balance out the questions (situational vs vocabulary based). I would recommend this site to others but would also advice them to study exam questions outside of this site.
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