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I just wanted to let you know that I passed. I was the only one taking the exam that day for which I was grateful. When I pressed the button and passed, the guy wondered if I was crying because I was happy. Whoopee! It's done. Now I can get to my golfing. Thank you Linton. Your site was fun!
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Just letting you know I passed the exam. I could not have done it without your program. Thank you and continued success with your site.
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I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your website and know it is the reason I passed! Yippee! Definitely the exam tips and secrets of passing were extremely helpful. It was not so much the questions themselves but the format and understanding the way the questions would be presented that was so useful to me. Thank you!
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Dear Linton, I just wanted to let you know the good news that I passed the LCSW exam. On the days when I was sick of studying and felt like giving up, your encouraging emails really helped. Thank you for all the support and encouragement.
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I studied only this site for a month, and (today) I passed the CSW test today!!!! Thank you for your thorough,and informative site!!!
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After failing the test, a coworker referred me to Socialworkexam.com. He raved about the practice tests and said "Trust me you WILL pass." So I purchased the practice tests. Between the practice tests and the daily emails, which provided me with so much encouragement, I felt comfortable enough to take the test. After failing once, I was fearful of failing again. On days when I did not do well on the practice tests and wanted to give up, I remembered "It's in there." Well today I am happy to say that my hard work paid off and I passed my exam. I don't doubt for one minute that it was from taking the exams, reading information online and the emails helped to make this possible. When I began to get nervous during the exam, I remembered "It's in there." I am so happy that I listened to my coworker and thank you for your website. I will refer others to your website going forward.
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Just passed my LCSW exam...couldn't have done this without your app. Thanks.
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Praise for Dr Hutchinson's SocialWorkExam.com web portal and all it offered to help me pass my clinical social work exam yesterday! I highly recommend it to anyone taking that exam.
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Social Workers, get this and pass ur EXAM!
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I passed my test!!!!Thanks for all your support!
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